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  • Outside Shading

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    Outside Shading

    Outside shading system fixed outside the greenhouse roof, main function is to decrease temperature inside greenhouse at summer time, let the diffused sunlight entrance the greenhouse. To prevent the leaves from burn disease and decrease 4-6℃ of indoor temperature at the same time. To reach the light demand of different plants, varies of...Read More

  • Inside Shading

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    Inside Shading

    Illumination is one of the most important factors during plant growing. Different crops or flower need different illumination in different growing stage. Inside shading system is a typical system to control the sunlight in greenhouses. Similar with thermal screen, inside shading curtain is also made by aluminum but with different light...Read More

  • Inside Thermal Screen System

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    Inside Thermal Screen System

    Thermal Screen is used widely in greenhouse for conserving energy, especially in cold season. It is an efficient and most economic way to saving energy and keeps warm inside greenhouse. The screen now is mainly made by aluminum. The aluminum material is with high reflectance and heat insulating which can keeps greenhouse warm.Read More

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