Microclimate Control System

  • PP Drainage Gutter

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    PP Drainage Gutter

    High quanlity PP grow gutter for tomato grow with low cost and easy to operate!Read More

  • Ebb/flow Bench

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    Ebb/flow Bench

    Manual control tide irrigation bench, first choice for nursery!Read More

  • Flood Bench

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    Flood Bench

    Using the principle of tide irrigation and developed from movable bench, the flood bench can increase even 30% cultivation area and save more irrigation water and fertilizer.Read More

  • Ground Cover

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    Ground Cover

    Ground cover is used in covering the ground in greenhouse which can benefit the crops growing. Reducing evaporation of water, so the humidity of the soil is increased, this is better for the growing of crops.Superficial area of root system is bigger, so crops are more capable of absorbing nutrition. Its strong material can keep weeds from...Read More

  • Soilless Cultivation

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    Soilless Cultivation

    Soilless Cultivation using other material for cultivation instead of soil,including hydroponics,fog(gas)planting,matrix planting.Soilless cultivated plants growing faster, with high production. For example,the yield of tomato and cucumber may reach double times as the soil cultivation.Read More

  • Artificial Light System

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    Artificial Light System

    Artificial light is used in greenhouse to apply additional light for plant growing. High pressure sodium lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED light are designed to be used in cultivation area, plant factory or in general greenhouses to work as a stimulus for plant growing. The artificial light system solve the light deficiency and realize the light...Read More

  • Outside Shading

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    Outside Shading

    Outside shading system fixed outside the greenhouse roof, main function is to decrease temperature inside greenhouse at summer time, let the diffused sunlight entrance the greenhouse. To prevent the leaves from burn disease and decrease 4-6℃ of indoor temperature at the same time. To reach the light demand of different plants, varies of...Read More

  • Water Treatment

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    Water Treatment

    Water treatment can get rid of unnecessary or harmful substance in the water by physics, chemistry, biological methods. The purpose is to make the water suitable for some particular function.Read More

  • Inside Shading

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    Inside Shading

    Illumination is one of the most important factors during plant growing. Different crops or flower need different illumination in different growing stage. Inside shading system is a typical system to control the sunlight in greenhouses. Similar with thermal screen, inside shading curtain is also made by aluminum but with different light...Read More

  • Seedling Bench

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    Seedling Bench

    We offer customized seedling bench of high performance, so if you are going to wholesale seedling bench from one of the best such suppliers in China, please call us or directly contact us online. Seedling Bench ●With width:1.60/1.65/1.70/1.75m (optional) and the length depends on the size of the...Read More

  • Bench Irrigation

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    Bench Irrigation

    Bench irrigation is similar with tide irrigation; the different is the seedling bench will be the holder of irrigation water and nutrient solution. The nutrient solution can circle utilized.Read More

  • Heating System

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    Heating System

    The galvanized round wing heater has relatively large radiation area so that the temperature can be promoted efficiently and evenly without any excessive heat reduction. This kind of the heating system will do no harm to the crop, it has the functions on antisepsis and anticorrosive. More endurable and qualified to meet the need of our clients.Read More

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