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Greensys 2017 is Holding in Beijing
Aug 22, 2017


Today, the "International Facilities Gardening Conference Greensys2017", co-sponsored by the International Society of Horticulture (ISHS), the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and the Chinese Agricultural Society, was held in Beijing National Convention Center as scheduled. More than 500 scholars from more than 30 countries and regions, including the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, and Israel, participated in this conference. The meeting was attended by more than 300 foreign guests. Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-tech Corporation was also invited to participate in this conference.

The opening ceremony was held at 8:30 am. At present, some professional lectures are in progress. The conference focused on the theme "Sustainable Development of Greenhouse Ecosystems", which sets up 9 major issues and arranged 282 academic reports, among them 1 subject report, 3 invited reports, 13 invitation reports, 103 oral reports, 155 poster reports and 7 industry reports. Domestic and foreign counterparts will conduct extensive discussion and exchange around the new progress, new ideas, new technologies, new materials and new achievements of facilities and horticulturein in the four-day meeting.

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Kingpeng, as a leader in China's agricultural equipment industry, attaches great importance to the conference and will participate in the whole conference, welcome to pay attention!

On 23rd August, in meeting room 308, Dr. Zhou Zengchan, Chief Engineer of Kingpeng, will brief the delegates on "Research and Experiment of Efficient Cultivation of Mobile Plant Factory". In addition, the conference also has a exhibition area, you are welcome to communicate with Kingpeng at booth 14, floor 1, hall C1.

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