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Gathering Global Intelligence, Promoting Facility Agriculture---APEX - BRINKMAN PCA Conference 2017 Review
Jul 14, 2017

APEX - BRINKMAN PCA Conference 2017 was hold in Adelaide, Australia from 9th-12th July. This is one of the most professional facility agriculture conferences in the world. Kingpeng group attended the exhibition, forum and farm tour, let's review the shining moments of  this conference!


Opening Ceremony

This is the second year that Kingpeng attend PCA. As a greenhouse manufacture from China, Kingpeng became one of the most recognizable company in the conference.

Growers, suppliers and experts are not only from Australia, but also from other countries came to visit Kingpeng's booth to share industrial information and agriculture techniques.

Dr.Zhou discussing greenhouse techniques with experts from Australia


Farm visiting after exhibition

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